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Monday, July 7th, 2014
8:31 pm
didnt realize Jair Jurrjens was on the Reds. Of course "was" is the key word, because he was traded to the Rockies

just out of curiosity, is anyone paying attention to this community?
Monday, April 14th, 2014
8:05 pm
Rainy Game v. Pittsburgh - Anyone Watching This???

Shoulda called it at the end of the 5th. :(

Edit: Maybe not! This game is hilarious to watch. Homerun, after homerun, after homerun. Now tied at the top of the 7th and delayed.
Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
2:29 pm
My thoughts on the 2014 season
Dismal. I hope we can finish with a winning record. There's been a lot of hectic offseason topics. He's my opinion on them all

-Dusty's out. I'm torn about this move. He doesn't drive our players hard enough, and some of his managerial decisions are downright puzzling. He does inspire some spark among the players, and it's questionable if Price will be able to lead the team better. Maybe the Reds should have gone outside the organization, but yeah, money is kind of tight. I get that

-Hannigan traded. Just plain stupid. Sure, Ryan's offense has gone down every year, but that's not why he's difficult to replace. He's a defensive star. He can call excellent games, and he can get some great performances out of the pitchers. The two noteworthy defensive players in the lineup in 2012, Hannigan and Stubbs, are gone. Both were lousy at the plate. Hannigan encouraged low ERAs from the staff, and Stubbs could run down almost everything in the air. I hope this doesn't have an effect on our rotation, because I don't know how solid Mesoraco is at calling games. It's arguable how much better our offense will be, because Mesoraco only batted .239, with a .287 OBP. I don't know if he's an everyday kind of catcher. Our pitching will suffer, and our 8-spot in the order won't be that much better at the plate. I know we got a future pitching star for Hannigan. Maybe Homer's replacement, because...

-Homer Bailey may not come cheap. He wants $11m. The Reds offer is $8m. That's pretty far off. He's turning 28 this year, and this may be his prime year. After the Kershaw signing, he may want a decent multi-year offer. What if we can't give him that? We threw so much money at Votto and Phillips, that I don't know how much is left to court the rest of the team. It's rumored the Reds are shopping him. Ugh. Ryan Hannigan caught practically every game for Bailey. There may be a slight dropoff in his performance with Mesoraco behind the plate. Still, you can't easily replace someone like Bailey, and I don't know if there's anyone in the minors who can do the trick if Homer doesn't sign.

-Bronson Arroyo not coming back. Always like Bronson, and I understand why he isn't coming back. It's money. He's a solid middle of the order pitcher, and after the All-Star Game, he really shines. He eats up innings and doesn't get hurt. It's hard to replace someone like that. Cingrani is good, and he'll be tapped to be that guy, but I question how many innings he can go. Cingrani has a habit of throwing too many pitches and reaching his limit by the 5th inning. He can't go as many innings in the course of a year as Arroyo can, and our bullpen may be a little overworked as a result. And it's a question if Cingrani has the endurance to pitch an entire year. This is a concern.

-Billy Hamilton. There's some question whether he can hit successfully on the major league level. Once opposing pitchers figure him out, he may have OBP issues. He can steal almost every base once he's on, but what if he can only get on base only a quarter of the time? We couldn't afford to retain Choo, and Hamilton is the best we can do, and I do hope he's ready

Joey Votto. Last year, Joey cost us some games. He changed his priorities, and started to walk a whole lot. Simply getting on base was good enough for him, and considering the lack of threat behind him, many pitchers were happy to give him first base. Phillips and Bruce had career-highs in RBIs last season, but Votto's RBI production went down. For a guy who's getting paid a ridiculous salary, I expected more from him than simply getting on base. It can be argued that the lineup didn't pose any real threats, that it wasn't much of an issue walking Votto when Phillips was up next. Brandon is not a cleanup hitter, and his threat at the plate was not very high. Ludwick isn't much of one either, and neither is Bruce. All three of those guys can be gotten out without much difficulty. So how can you guarrantee that pitchers give Joey something better to swing at? Since we're counting on our core to step up this year, the answer is, nothing. Hopefully, if Hamilton gets on and swipes a base, Joey will be more tempted to get him home rather than taking the walk.

-Bullpen. It's still banged up and under performing. Marshall may not be at 100%, Masset has been out forever, Ondrusek was a mediocre bust last season, and I thought Parra was overrated. We need another good arm in the pen.

-Chapman. There's talk of letting him start, and if Bailey doesn't re-sign, then there's a good chance that Chapman may be forced to start. He would prefer to close, but we have Broxton as a backup closer. I don't think that Chapman would be a good starter at all. He relies on his fastball too much, and seldom uses his changeup. I don't know what other pitches he knows, but Aroldis doesn't have the familiarity of his command to throw different types of pitches with control. Plus, having to go long into games, he can't throw these 100 mph rockets to the plate anymore. He'll have to lower the velocity to save his arm. He may have to bring it down to the low 90s, which isn't bad, but when you have little else up your sleeve and an overreliability on that fastball, it won't take opposing teams to figure out how to clobber you.

-Cueto. He's a very good pitcher, but he's prone to injury. How many starts can he give us this season? If he goes on the DL, then our rotation will definitely take a hit. In the event that Johnny gets hurt, and Arroyo and Bailey don't return and Cingrani doesn't go deep into games, we may have one spectacularly shitty rotation. Plus a weaker, overworked bullpen. We need Cueto badly because he's the lynchpin in the Reds having a decent season. Without him, there's numerous questions.

-Cozart and Frazier. This will be their third season in the bigs. Last season, Cozart his .254 and Frazier .234. Factor in Mesoraco's .238 BA, and you have 3 guys who have problems getting that crucial hit. Will Cozart and Frazier improve and redeem themselves in their third season, or keep on whiffling balls at the plate? It's not like we can count on Bruce and Ludwick to hit a whole lot higher. If Hamilton fails to adjust to big league hitting, it leaves only Votto and Phillips to hit above .270. Any decent pitcher can have their way with us when 7 out of 9 of your starting lineup hit below average at the plate.

Overall, that's a lot of questions for me. A lot of uncertainty. I hope for the absolute best, but I wouldn't be surprised if a fire sale happens at the trade deadline.
Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
8:34 pm
Reds looking at Gardner
According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Cincinnati Reds are "indeed interested" in Brett Gardner, who the New York Yankees are looking to move now that they've signed Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran to multi-year deals.

However the Reds are said to be offering only, at present, left-hander Sean Marshall in return. That's not likely to be enough to seal the deal for the Yankees, who might be slightly more interested in Reds' second baseman Brandon Phillips, given the glaring hole left at that position now that Robinson Cano is no longer around.

This is not the first team that the Reds have tried to send Marshall to this offseason. Earlier in the week, trade talks with the Colorado Rockies broke down, presumably because of the pitcher's contract, which has two years and $12 million left on it. As Troy Renck of the Denver Post reported, "It's unclear what the Reds are seeking in a trade or if they would provide any salary relief."
Friday, November 15th, 2013
7:48 pm
Buster Olny reported the Reds are shopping HAnigan for prospects
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
7:56 pm
The Reds stand 2 games out of first place, and tied for Wild Card lead. I like those numbers. I think unless they completely implode, they will make the playoffs. How far into post season will they go?
Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
5:24 pm
Reds Rumors of the day. Thoughts?
The Cincinnati Reds are looking for a right-handed bat and have checked in on Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, reports CBSSports.com's Jon Heyman via Twitter. Pence may not end up a fit, Heyman adds, presumably due to the asking price.

Beyond Pence, the Reds could have interest in the likes of Chicago White Sox outfielder Alex Rios. Ryan Ludwick, however, is currently rehabbing and could return in August, suggesting the Reds aren't certain to acquire an outfielder.

If the Brewers make Aramis Ramirez available, the Reds could have interest. In that scenario, Todd Frazier, who has been playing third base, likely plays the outfield.
Wednesday, June 26th, 2013
12:27 pm
I think the Reds should be sellers
When the trade deadline comes up, I think the Reds should be sellers, not buyers. This just isn't our year, and it's time we unload payroll. Our starting pitching, which was stellar last year and carried us into the playoffs, has been fluxy and inconsistant this year, and Cueto has been battling injuries. Our bats are streaky and the hitters seem flummoxed by pitchers who know how to pitch. Choo, after an amazing start, has come down to earth, as NL pitchers have learned how to manage him. Frazier and Cozart are average batters who get lucky once in a while. Our catching duo have been stinking up the plate, averaging about .220, and no one has really stood out in left field. Maybe Robinson or Paul, but the former has proven he can't steal on a major league level, and the latter seems to excel better as a pinch hitter, when pitchers didn't have enough experience with him to know how to handle him. The Reds as a whole seem to rely heavily on the longball, having difficulty getting runners home otherwise. Injuries have been a factor this season. Ludwick will be a non-factor all season, Cueto is on and off the DL, our bullpen is in shambles because they're overworked and inconsistant, and Phillips seems less effective at the plate after that HBP on his hand.

I think management should cease kidding themselves and start looking to move some players while we can. Who I would like to see on the auction block...

1. - Aroldis Chapman - let's face it, we don't know what to do with him. We probably won't let him start, and he's iffy as a closer. You never know which Cuban missle you're getting. Will he pound the strike zone with nothing but fastballs and get outs? Will he pound the strike zone with nothing but fastballs and give up a couple hits because hitters will eventually adjust to the speed when you don't mix it up that much? Will he pound outside the strike zone and be wild? We still owe him a few more years of money, but his value is still high after last season, so I think we could move him. I don't know why he can't use more changeups or breaking balls, but that's the kind of pitcher/thrower he is. Also, he'll eventually hurt his arm. He doesn't alert the coaches when his arm hurts, and with his violet delivery, I think it's only a matter of time. We can trade him for a good middle reliever or a prospect.

2. Bronson Arroyo - I love Bronson. He's a class act and fun to watch. I always root for him, and usually, he's reliable as hell. But this season, he's inconstant. Very hittable some games, lights out on others. He's getting older and this is his walk year. We're probably not going to sign him to another contract. Best to get something for him this year.

I thought there would be more, but this is all I got.

Then, if I was management, this is what I'd do. Move Cingrani into the rotation, and move Bailey into the closer role. That boy seems to get himself into trouble, and he is very inconsistant this year. He's good at pitching through the first couple innings most of the time, but as the batters adjust to him later on, his success seems to lessen. As a closer, he'd excel, I think. I realize this leaves a hole in our rotation, but I'm sure we can fill it somehow. I'd extend Choo's contract beyond this season, so next season, our outfield would consistant of Bruce, Choo and Hamilton. Assuming Hamilton can get on base, Choo would be a good #2 hitter, Votto is a great #3, Phillips can bat cleanup well, and Bruce can hit fifth. Frazier and Cozart and their subpar hitting skills can follow, and whatever catcher is playing that game next, then the pitcher.
Thursday, March 21st, 2013
12:48 pm
BRILLIANT article about Joey Votto
Thinking inside the box - ESPN

The Reds' Joey Votto has his own approach to hitting -- and it's working for him
Read more...Collapse )
Monday, March 4th, 2013
5:59 pm
I know it's only the pre-season and it means absolutely nothing, but it's a little worrisome to me that the Reds aren't hitting the ball and are 2-10. I haven't been checking the box scores so I don't know how many farm players are in every game, but it seems almost no one on the team right now has a hot bat. This is the time of the year when the hitters should be further along than the pitchers. Just saying

I know it also means nothing, but it's pretty amazing to think that Mark Prior is part of the Reds organization. He's been a train wreck for years and has had more work done on his arm than the Bionic Man and the odds of him making the team at any point in the season are slim to none, but when you think about how the NL used to tremble in their boots at the notion of having to face him, it's kinda cool he's in Cincy now
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
2:08 pm
Wow. The Reds gave up a defensive outfielder who couldn't hit and a rookie shortstop who wasn't going to get to play in exchange for a great leadoff hitter, a bench hitter and cash!

That's pretty ridiculous
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
2:33 pm
Normally, I like to give my 2 cents on what I'd like to see the Reds do in the off season, but this year, it seems the Reds are swimming in potentially lucrative tv contracts. I'm clueless on how much the adjusted budget for 2013 is. Regardless, the Reds NEED to secure both Bailey and Latos to long-term deals. The leadoff hitter situation is second in importance. Cincinnati got to the playoffs on the strength of their pitching. Especially their rotation. You gotta keep that winning formula going.

As for the leadoff problem, I think maybe we can either get by within the organization or pick up a cheap gun for hire. For either late 2013, or 2014 for sure, Hamilton will be ready for prime time, and he may be everything we're lacking now. Cozart may be that guy if he works on his stroke. A rookie adjusting to the big leagues may get off his game just to contribute, and he had a lot of power for a shortstop, but his batting average was pretty mediocre. That proves that he was able to make adjustments to lay wood on the ball, and he was among the team leaders in extra base hits, but if he worked with a coach in the offseason, he may be refined into a reliable contact hitter. Stubbs, I feel, may also be able to improve. Even though we've had him for years and he seems to make little stride in being a better hitter, I have noticed that he takes a lot of called third strikes. He strikes out a lot, and a good deal of them are pitches that he takes for the third strike. This seems to me that he may have problems seeing the movement of the pitches as they approach the plate. I think this may have been a new tactic he was taught, because I swore in previous years there were a great deal of swinging strikeouts, so I guess Jacoby was trying to teach him to be more patient. But I don't think that's really working too well either. So, in that case, he should be taught to defend the plate. Not necessarily to put the ball into play, but just get a piece of the bat on the ball. Fouls. He needs to make more fouls. If the pitch isn't obviously a good one to hit or a ball, shorten his grip, and knock it to the side and wait for the next one. I think Drew gets stymied a lot at the plate, and this tactic will allow him to see more pitches. The added effect of having him shorten his grip for this purpose may lead to him making more bunts, which is something that everybody wants him to do anyway.

The deal about this is that we know what Votto can do. We know what Bruce does. Phillips can hit anywhere, and may be best batting second in the order. But we don't truly know Cozart's potential, and honestly, we don't really know Stubbs' winning formula. We just see how he screws up and takes advantage of pitchers' mistakes. With a bit of success, we may well see what Drew can do when he feels confident at the plate, and that success will be in the form of getting on base more often. Stubbs has so much potential, that it's only right that we give him as much rope as he needs to either hang himself or turn himself around. He's one of the best center fielders you could ever want. Good arm. Excellent base runner. Has some pop in his bat. He's 4/5ths of a 5 tool player. How can you just trade someone like that without completely trying every option?

I'm not sure about the Chapman as starter plan. I think it'll diminish his effectiveness, and frankly, I'm worried he may suck. As a closer, he had a couple pitches, but tended to just throw fastball after fastball. He wasn't even truly locating them either. If he had the ability to locate them in any way, he'd be unhittable, but he gave up a decent amount of hits for someone who was throwing 97+ mph, which shows that batters could just sit on his fastball and know that there wasn't much else on the ball except flames, and also that it was unlikely he'd throw in a changeup. As a closer, you can survive with just one pitch, but as a starter, you need at least 3-4. Will he be able to learn how to pitch, or will he just be throwing balls at the catcher? As a starter, he's going to have to drop his velocity in order to not throw his arm out by the third inning. So let's say he lowers his speed to maybe 93-95. Still pretty fast, but not fast enough where you can beat batters with your fastball alone. If he doesn't mix up his pitches, he'll be hit a LOT.

I honestly wish that the Reds moved him into middle relief as a longman for a couple months first. Have him string together 4 innings of middle relief. Can he adjust? He can't be throwing fastballs at everybody. With success in that role, only then do you get a feel for his ability to start a game. Remember, this was also the guy who could get really wild. If he doesn't have control of his fastball, what can he fall back on? That's really something to consider, if his other pitches are worth a damn.

The Reds lost Billy Bray, as he's signed with the Nats. Bray became expendable when we signed Marshall. He was often hurt, and overrated as a reliever. Still, I'm kind of sad to see him go, because he was the last remainder of that infamous trade that sent Kearns, Lopez and Wagner to Washington for a bevy of subpar players...and Bray. Even though Kearns ended up being a bust, he once upon a time had the makings of a legend, and that trade always made me think about what could have been.
Friday, October 12th, 2012
5:49 pm
Monday, October 8th, 2012
12:39 am
Bronson was fantastic tonight, and the Reds' bats were electric. We're up 2-0 and the best-of-five series concludes in Cincy. I'm really believing in our team!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
3:01 pm
It's a little bothersome seeing the Reds stumble into the postseason, slumping at the plate. We have been like this the last month, relying on our pitching to prop us up.

But hey, at least we made it into the playoffs

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
12:03 pm
Billy Hamilton

Reds prospect Billy Hamilton is closing in on the minor league record for stolen bases (he has 139). He obviously fits into the Reds' plans, and may very well be starting opening day in 2013. His farm OBP is a crazy .412. Hamilton switch hits and plays shortstop, but due to his all-out Ryan Freel-esque style of defense, they're toying with the idea of making him a center fielder. Cincy will no doubt give him a good look soon, but let's say he can transfer all his ability onto the major league level. Where would you like to see him play in 2013?

Shortstop. Cozart is out
Center field. Stubbs is out
Left field. Ludwick is out (we may not be able to afford him next year anyway)
Third base. Rolen and Frazier are out
Right field. Bruce should get traded
Keep him on the farm. The team's good as it is
With a stellar prospect like that, we can make a major trade for a quality arm. Package him up and move him
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
2:03 pm
The Reds have acquired Jonathon Broxton. Apparently, Cincy's trying their best to add a reliever to a package to get Denard Span from the Twins. That's pretty interesting. I like the addition of Broxton a lot, but it vexes me to give away a reliable reliever to attain a hitter who will have to adjust to NL pitching. Span is hot right now, batting .455 in the last week, so there is that. I'm guessing if the Reds do get Span, then he spells Stubbs in center, or they'll platoon, though I'm not sure why you'd let Stubbs start if you had a CF who had a .356 OBP.

Broxton's got some wicked stuff. Its an improvement in the pen for sure. Span has such potential, though it would be a shame to bench Stubbs, who's hot right now. Ludwick is hot right now too. The one outfielder who isn't is Bruce, the lone All-Star outfielder, and he's definitely not getting benched. Would Span be used simply as bench? Do you trade 2-3 players for a good pinch hitter? If the Reds don't get Span, what reliever gets DFA? Or are we dealing no matter what?

The addition of Broxton really sets into motion a lot of questions, but it's exciting
Monday, July 16th, 2012
2:24 pm
Thursday, July 5th, 2012
11:39 am
It's frustrating watching the Reds play. This is the year we're making the big push to the playoffs, but man I hope we get someone at the trade deadline. We have a lineup of young players who don't understand situational hitting, and veterans who haven't dealt with the fact they're not as great as they used to be. Dusty also has a set batting order that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Cozart is a good player and has been batting leadoff most of the year and some knack for it, but Stubbs is such an all-or-nothing kind of hitter that it's dumb to have him hit second. Until he understands how to get on base, he should be a bottom of the order batter. Votto and Phillips are solid in the 3-4 spot, and Bruce is ok as the #5, but isn't there anyone else on our farm who can play left field besides Ludwick? He's getting hotter now and has raised his batting average to the .240s, which is his highest all season. The season's half over and Dusty's still giving starting work to a has-been outfielder who's trying desperately to reclaim his heyday season where he belted 37 home runs. Frazier is actually pretty good and should actually be batting fifth, in my opinion. Hannigan has one of the highest averages on the team, and Dusty still has him batting eighth, where he's been batting since he joined the Reds. That makes no sense to me. Hannigan should be batting middle of the order somewhere. Mesoraco still hasn't adjusted to major league pitching yet and he deserves to be batting 8th. So, the lineup is a bit screwy.

As for the rest of the bench...Cairo is decent. Heisey's an idiot and the Reds should try and move him. I remember watching him in a game somewhat recently where it was the 9th inning, and the opposing pitcher was wild and walked the first two batters he faced. Like it wasn't even close, where 8 of 10 pitches were balls. We were down a run or two. Heisey comes to the plate next and swings at the very first pitch he sees, popping up. Damn stupid. He could have waited for the pitcher to get desperate enough with a 3-1 count and thrown something over the plate. The pitcher had control issues and Heisey didn't take advantage of that at all. We ended up losing the game and Heisey committed the first out, which turned out to be a crucial turning point in that inning. There's tons of out-of-work position players who would kill for a chance to make any ballclub, and we put up with this lunkhead who's contributed little as a player. When we did have him as a regular, Dusty was having him bat second for some reason, just because he had a high average at the time. That wasn't so great an experiment. Who puts the guy who tries to get a home run every at bat behind the leadoff hitter? There's Valdez, who's a complete waste of roster space. Can't hit worth crap, is an ok fielder. I'm not even sure why he's on the team because he's not a defensive upgrade. Cozart's a great fielder. I'm not sure if Valdez can play every infield position, but it doesn't matter because he rarely sees action anyway. Why have a slot on the bench wasted on an unneccesary utility player who can't hit? Sure there's someone on the farm swinging a meaner bat who can be just as useless on the field as Valdez.

And then there's Rolen. It's not fair to criticize Rolen because his health is a major issue, but let's face it, he's not the Scott Rolen we knew from the Cardinals. His bat speed is down and even the most mediocre pitcher can get him out. Now, if you're a seasoned veteran who wants to win and it's obvious your physical ability isn't the same, why do you persist in playing the same way? In 125 at bats, Rolen's walked 9 times, had 3 home runs, and struck out 30 times. That's almost 25% of the time. That looks to me like a guy who's trying to drive the ball at every at-bat, who's swinging at anything around the plate. By comparison, Heisey has 205 at-bats and only 10 walks, recording 2 home runs and 46 SOs in that span. We know Heisey's going to try and get a home run at every bat and that's why he's on the bench, but is Rolen any better? Now, if he wanted to be a true contributor to the team, he'd admit that his body isn't what it once was and change his approach. Shorten his swing. Use his longevity of batting experience to recognize pitch selection. Watch video. Just get the fuck on base and let the young'uns worry about getting him home. The team still looks up to him, and any bad behaviors they display may be due to Rolen's wild at-bats. It's also possible that Rolen's back and shoulder may be increasingly aggravated by his power swings, which require full extension. It's always disappointing when Rolen's healthy enough to play, because generally that forces Dusty to bench Frazier, who's a much better player this season. Frazier can play left field, but for some reason Baker still prefers Ludwick and his .239 BA, who swings so hard he loses his balance at times. It's sad to think that a veteran like Scott Rolen is a downgrade at third base than a rookie. I know we're in for the long haul with Rolen and his multi-year contract, but until he figures out how to be more productive in his twilight baseball years, his value to the team is just as a good fielder, and maybe we need to just view him as a late-game defensive replacement. Rolen's a smart player, not a generic slugger. He should have the ability to adjust.

If we're not going to replace Valdez with someone who can hit, why not just pull up another pitcher? Our bullpen's been giving up more runs than normal. They may be tired through constant workload. We can pull Hoover back up. It seems retarded to have a waste of roster space like Valdez when our bullpen could use an extra arm.

If I had any say in the matter, I'd trade for a good outfielder who can get on base. Maybe two. Primarily we need someone to can bat second or maybe leadoff. Cozart may well be a better contributor if he bats second. We wouldn't know because we don't have a better solution for leadoff. We need to get more guys on base so Joey can bat them in. For someone with so many doubles and hits, his rbi tally isn't as high as it should be, and that's due to the #1-2 spot not being on base enough. Secondly, an upgrade over Ludwick would be nice. He doesn't have to have a lot of power, just the ability to get on base and move the runners along. Just imagine how many more runs we'd get per game if the Votto could be looking at a runner in scoring position every other at-bat, and where there wasn't such a black hole right after Bruce?

My two cents
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
5:33 pm
Scott Rolen's attitude towards baseball to be admired

Really good article. I have even more respect for the man
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